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Ficlet: A Day at the Beach

A fun writing prompt was issued on The Den.  The writing prompt was: you are stranded on a deserted island with the last character you wrote.   What happens next?

Well a bit of hilarity ensued on the group and this was the results.

Title: A Day at the Beach
Characters: Morpheus/Top/Narrator
Series: It's Greek to Me

Morpheus looked around, he couldn't believe what he saw. He closed his eyes and shook his head.  When he opened them up again, nothing had changed. He was on a tropical island.   How the hell how he gotten on an island? Closing his eyes once more, he thought out loud, this must be a dream.  I'm in a dream.

"Open your eyes, Morpheus. You aren't in a dream."

"What?  Wait!  Who said that?" Morpheus called out.

A big sigh reverberated throughout the island causing the palm leaves in the trees to rustle. "Morpheus, it's me! The narrator."

"You're in my dream?" Morpheus asked confused.

Another big sigh shook the trees again.  "I told you this isn't a dream.  Why does no one ever listen to me?  You are in a story."

"A story?" Morpheus asked.  "But Dizzy's not been writing us lately.  We've just been hanging out at the brat ca-um.  We've just been hanging out."

"Seriously, Morpheus?  I do know the brat cave.  I AM the narrator!"

Grinning sheepishly, the Greek god of sleep said, "oh, yeah.  So, why are we here on this island?  If I'm in a story shouldn't I be on Mt Olympus?"

"Well you should be.  But Dizzy posted a fun little exercise," the narrator explained.  "The exercise was 'you are stranded on a deserted island with the last character you wrote.  What happens next?'"

Morpheus scratched his head. "Um.  Cool little exercise.  But why am I here?  I wasn't the last one she wrote about!"

"You know Dizzy is a loon!  No telling why she put you here," the narrator said.  "But just go with it."

"Okaayyyy," Morpheus drawled out.  "So what do I do now?"

"How would I know?  I just narrate!  Dizzy is the one who writes!" The narrator said exasperated. "But if I had a body to go with my sexy voice, I'd go play in the water.  This is a tropical island.  The sand is gleaming white in the bright sunshine.  The waves are gently rolling in.  A perfect day to spend on the beach."

And so that's what Morpheus did. He swam in the ocean where friendly dolphins frolicked with him.  He floated on his back and watched the big white fluffy clouds drift up above.  He let the sun warm his rock hard body.  His chest glistened with droplets of water.  His dark hair hung ringlets, framing his beautiful Greek features.

"Ok, Dizzy, we get it.  Morpheus has a gorgeous body.  Can we finish this little ficlet?" The narrator boomed out.

Morpheus walked up the beach and plopped down.  "As much as I've enjoyed this day of swimming.  I really would like to get back before my Top starts to wonder where I've gone off to.  We can't let him find the brat cave."

"I think she got stuck," the narrator said.  "Dizzy?  Hey Dizzy!!  Just do what Zillah did and write a boat that Morpheus can use to get back home."

Just then a beautiful sail boat floated into view.  It dropped anchor and a small boat motored away from the majestic sailing boat and pulled into the cove.

"Come on, Morpheus," A tall, broad shouldered Top said tying off the boat and walking up the beach.  "It's almost time for dinner."

Morpheus leaped up and threw himself into his Top's arms.  "I missed you!  This would have been so much more fun had Dizzy written you with me instead of the narrator."

The good-looking Top quirked one eyebrow up and rubbed his palm on his muscular thigh. "Yes, it would have been much more fun if I'd been here.  When I get my hands on the wench, I will alleviate this itch in my palm."

Morpheus's butt clenched in sympathy for poor Dizzy.  The one eyebrow raised and an itchy palm?  Every brat knows that is Trouble with a capital T.  Hurrying to soothe his Top's temper, Morpheus said, "you're here now.  Could we get some lobsters and have dinner here on the beach?"

The Top smiled and leaned in and kissed his Brat tenderly.  "That, my sweet, sounds like a marvelous idea.  And since that wench, Dizzy, wrote a boat in this ficlet, we could have ourselves a nice little clam bake, a campfire and sleep under the stars.  Tomorrow will be soon enough to have a discussion with Dizzy."

And that's just what the two Greek gods did. They enjoyed their seafood cooked over an open fire and as soon as Dizzy wrote in a blanket, because you know sand is very uncomfortable in certain places, they made sweet love under the stars.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, Dizzy hurriedly finished packing for her out of town trip this week.  Sending a wish up to any and all gods listening that Morpheus's Top wouldn't be able to find her until he'd calmed down, she decided to end this little tale.

The End

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