Who knew that the Greek Gods of Mount Olympus were full of Tops and Brats? They have a Top School to teach Tops how to spank and lift one eyebrow and there is a Brat Cave for all the Brats to hang out in! Read about the adventures of the Greek Gods!

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FIC: It's Greek to Me: Finding Courage

I can get very nervous to post anything I write. Tyr, a Norse god, is on a search to find my courage!

Title: Finding Courage
Characters: Asclepius/Tyr and Narrator
Series: It's Greek to Me

Pushing, shoving, and laughing all the Brats on Mt. Olympus were in high spirits. The work day had ended and they had a full hour to goof off before dinner. Heading into the Brat Ca...um, their Brat's Lair, they suddenly came to a stop. Sounds of frustration and objects being tossed about greeted them.

Storming into their secret hideaway, they were going to confront the the intruder but the sight of all their belongings strewn about the floor stopped them in their tracks. Even the fluffy cushions from the couch were flung against a wall. Then they saw him. A Norse god with blond hair flowing to his shoulders. A handsome man that strongly resembled a Viking. They'd heard tales of the Norse gods-of their bravery and strength. But this Norse god was distracted and seemed to be looking for something.

"Hey you!" One Brat yelled out. "What are you doing to our Brat Cav-"

"He's making a mess!" Another Brat interrupted.

"I'll clean up when I find it!" The Norse god snapped as he looked around.

A particularly brave Brat stomped right up to the newcomer. "Who are you? And what are you doing here?"

"I'm Tyr, Norse god of courage and strategy and I'm looking for Dizzy's courage," Tyr growled out. "Her Neanderthal is sure she has it, but it's no where to be found! I thought it might have been left here. In the Brat Ca-"

"Shhh!" A brat hissed out.

"Don't say it!" A brat way in the back yelled.

Hermes quickly walked over to Tyr. "It's kind of a superstition. We don't say Brat Cave out loud."


"He actually said it!"

"We're doomed!"

The distraught voices of Brats rang out across all of Olympus. And doomed they were as the Tops descending upon them. The words Brat-Cave was very much like the Bat Signal that shown in the clouds to summon the mythical Batman. The echo of the words "Brat-Cave" echoed in the ear of every Top on Mt. Olympus.

Soon the cave was filled with tall, muscle-bound gods. Toppy gods. Gods that seemed to show up whenever a Brat was in trouble. They must have a special, advanced class in Top School.

"What is the problem?" One Top asked in an authoritarian tone.

"What rule was broken?" A Top asked sternly while another Top sent each Brat The Look. (Now is a good time to bring up the intricacies of "look". The "look" is studied in great detail in Top School. Tops learn the differences between "a look", "the Look", and "The Look". Funnily enough, Brats don't need to go to school to learn about them.)

"What exactly is going on here?" Another Top asked with a raised eyebrow. We all know that a raised eyebrow is irresistible to all Brats. Sure enough, at least one Brat had to answer the question.

"Nothing," A brave Brat explained to the Tops.

"Nothing?" Queried one Top.

"Yep. Nothing," a timid Brat way in the back muttered.

The Tops looked at each other and seemed to communicate through telepathy. A decision must have been reached when as one the Tops turned to the Brats. One particularly tall Top said, "It's almost dinner time. Go on home. You can come back tomorrow."

The Brats grumbled under their breaths, but started out of the cave toward home. All but one. And that one Brat stood firm (A Top might say that the one Brat was stubborn, but firm sounds so much better.). That Brat was none other than the Norse Brat.

"No! Stop! Don't go. You must help me!" He yelled.

All the eyebrows of all the Tops raised. "You do NOT tell us, No! Now, explain yourself. Who are you and what are you doing here?"

With an exasperated sigh, Tyr explained. "My name is Tyr. I'm a Norse god. Dizzy has lost her courage. As I'm the god of courage and strategy, I know what courage looks like. So, I'm going to find it and give it to her."

"Definitely a Brat," One Top said to another.

The other Top answered, "Of course a Brat. Do you think a Top would make this kind of mess where someone could see?"

"Never," a Top said. "Tops have a reputation to uphold. We'd never let a Brat other than our own see us make a mess!"

"Of course, a Brat," one doctor-looking Top said. (Doctor-looking? Really, Dizzy? You couldn't come up with an appropriate adjective? You had to make one up? The narrator shakes his head in dismay). "A Brat that is terribly late for dinner."

The doctor-looking Top turned to Tyr and said, "You must be starving. I am Asclepius and as I have taken a vow to do no harm, I am very trustworthy. You will accompany me to my house, call home to assure everyone you are safe, and then eat dinner."

"No! You don't understand!" Tyr shouted. (Obviously Tyr is a very brave Brat! Shouting at a Top!) "I have to find Dizzy's courage! It's gone!" Suddenly the shock of screaming at Tops and his exhaustion from searching in all the worlds of all the gods-

(And let's pause here a moment to take that in. ALL the worlds of ALL the gods. Do you know how many gods there are? Greek gods, sure. But Norse gods, Roman gods, Egyptian gods, just to name a few! These gods are running amok among us! Amok, I tell you! Um. Ahem, let's get back to the story. Now where were we? Oh yeah-)

Suddenly the shock of screaming at Tops and his exhaustion from searching in all the worlds of all the gods caught up with Tyr. He felt faint and lost his balance. As he wobbled on his feet, he was abruptly swept up in strong, muscular arms. (Come on, in a cave full of Tops there was NO WAY he'd fall to the floor! And the arms of all Tops are strong and muscular. It's in the Top Manual-Chapter 2, section b.)

"Wait! What?" Tyr gasped out.

"You've exhausted yourself!" Asclepius growled out. "You've made yourself ill. And as I'm the god of healing. I will take care of you. First, I will need to take your core temperature."

All the Brats gasped. Even as the Brats gasped, some felt a tingling in their tummy. They've been ill before and have had their core temperature taken. That's the one where the naughty thermometer is used....and not in the mouth!

"Butt...butt," Tyr stuttered unaware that "butt" was exactly where the thermometer was used.

"Yes. Butt," Asclepius confirmed.

Tyr blushed at the thought of this big, strong Greek god taking his temperature in such an intimate way. Tyr's tummy started to tingle. But wait! He still had a mission! Shaking his head, he started to squirm. Dizzy's courage needed to be found! But before the Norse god could throw a tantrum. (And have you ever seen a Norse god throw a temper tantrum? Oh, it's a sight to behold! Brats around the globe have admired and tried to imitate that kind of tantrum. Of course, their butts usually paid the price before they could achieve the level of Norseman tantrumness.)

Tyr's tantrum was stopped before it could start as he found himself tossed over Asclepius's broad shoulder-fireman style. Which unfortunately put his butt in perfect position for the Top's large hand to swat. Which he did several times! (Oh, come on! This is discipline fiction! I wanted a swat or two! Well, I didn't want one....I wanted to read one. I'm the narrator, I do NOT get swatted.). Tyr started to squirm as the hand heated his bum.

"Stop." The Greek god's voice rang out. A sudden stillness settled over the earth and heavens as every Brat in the universe obeyed that voice and stopped what they were doing.

"Butt, I still have to find Dizzy's courage," Tyr whined. "She really needs it."

Striding out the cave entrance, Asclepius stated, "Apollo will inform the Neanderthal."

Bouncing with each step the Top took, Tyr said, "The god of music? Humph! What good will that do. OW!" The last was cried out when that hand swatted his behind again. (Did I mention how large that hand is? Top's hands are unusually large. The better to swat with.)

"Apollo is also the god of prophecy," the Top explained. "He will whisper to the Neanderthal, who will then help her find her courage. The gods paired Neanderthal and Dizzy for a reason. He'll take care of her. And I will take care of you."

Tyr settled into the broad shoulder. The feeling of calm and peace started to spread throughout his body. He was being held by a strong Top, Neanderthal would help Dizzy find her courage, and all the Brats were going home for dinner. He'd come to Olympus to find Dizzy's courage, but it looked like he'd found his forever Top. Yes, peace and happiness flowed through him as he was carried away.


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