Who knew that the Greek Gods of Mount Olympus were full of Tops and Brats? They have a Top School to teach Tops how to spank and lift one eyebrow and there is a Brat Cave for all the Brats to hang out in! Read about the adventures of the Greek Gods!

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FIC: Broken Arrows

A chapter of Zillah Jones' Back to School had Cupid, from the Greek Gods, all upset.  This is the chapter that sparked this bit of fun:  Back to School, Ring the Bell Chapter 12.    Thank you, Zillah for the bit of fun!

Title: Broken Arrows
Characters: Eros/Cupid
Series: It's Greek to Me

Eros heard the slam of the door and then feet stomping across the floor.  He didn't know how his Brat managed to slam an automatic door, but slam it he did.  And how did one stomp across floors made of clouds?  Eros shook his head in bafflement and concern.  Cupid had been coming back day after day frustrated and upset.   Eros was determined he'd find the reason why tonight!  Or he'd go back to Top School for a refresher course in How to Get Your Brat to Talk 101.

"Cupid," Eros called out.  "Come on to the back. I'd like a word with you."

"Gimmeminute," came the mumbled reply.

Making a mental note to remember to sign up for a refresher course in Deciphering Mumbling of Brats-Advanced Course, Eros wiped his hands off on his jeans.  He had a feeling that he was about to become "hands on" with his darling Cupid.

Hearing a strange noise, not feet stomping on clouds....more like rustling in the trash, Eros decided not to wait for his Brat but instead to go to him.  Walking into the front of their Love Workshop, Eros took a moment to admire Cupid's nicely rounded bottom as it was bent over the trash can.

(Narrator: Let's all take a moment to admire that pert piece of anatomy.  See how it's heart shaped?  And how it fills out his jeans just so.  Lovely.  Truly a sight to behold.  So spankable and squeezable. Ahem, let's get back to the story.)

"Cupid? What on Mt. Olympus are you doing?" Eros asked.

Cupid jumped and turned at the same time, stumbling over his feet, but staying upright.  "Me?  Nothing. I'm not doing anything!"

"What do you have in your hands?  Are those arrows broken in half?  What happened?"  Eros watched as his Brat tried to hide the pieces of arrows behind his back.

"Um. Nothing.  Nothing happened," Cupid stuttered.

(Narrator: As the reader might have noticed, Nothing gets blamed for a lot that happens here on Mt. Olympus.  It's quite sad really.  Oh geez!  Now Dizzy is thinking that Nobody needs his very own story.)

Eros gave Cupid The Look.  Yes, capital T and L.  That is one serious looking Look.  It's the one with one eyebrow raised, creases in the forehead, and a frown gracing the kissable lips of a Top.  The one that gives tummy tingles and shivers down the spine. Yes, you know exactly what it is.  The Look.

"I broke them!  I broke them all!  They were worthless!  Or I was worthless," Cupid shouted.  (Gasp!  Cupid, a Brat, shouting at his Top?  We all know that this is not going to end well!).  Then in complete tantrum, Cupid threw the broken arrows on the floor.

Eros had had enough.  Taking Cupid's arm in a firm, but gentle hold, Eros sat on a conveniently placed stool (conveniently placed stools and chairs are a benefit that all gods get when they love on Mt. Olympus), and flipped his Brat over his lap.

"This tantrum has come to an end." And with that tummy tingling statement, Eros brought his hand down hard on that cute little butt we had been admiring earlier.  Not just once, but several times, that hand landed on the heart shaped tushie. 

When Cupid started to weep, Eros stopped his swatting.  Gently he shifted his Brat until he was straddled across the big Top's lap.  Eros lifted the hand that had reddened Cupid's derrière and wiped the tears from his face.

"Do you think you can tell me what is going on?  You've been working up to this tantrum all week," Eros asked his Brat.

"It's Platt," Cupid said.  Then at Eros's look of confusion, said, "Have you thought of taking Mind Reading 101 at Top School?"

Eros added that class to his mental list.  He was up to three classes now.  He might as well go all out and get his masters degree.  "Back to Platt.  What about him?"

"He isn't sure yet of Cameron's and Myrick's love," Cupid said sadly. "I've shot many arrows his way.  All of their way!  Cameron and Myrick are together, but Platt still is resisting."

"Have you not read Zillah's stories?" Eros asked.

"Yes!  Of course, I have.  Every single one," Cupid answered earnestly.

"Then you should know that she always finds a deliciously yummy way for her characters to get together," Eros chided.  Leaning forward, Eros placed a soft kiss on Cupid's forehead.  "We've talked about this before, remember, sweets?  Dizzy wrote it in The Journey.  Sometimes the journey to love is bumpy, but the destination is well worth the trip. Zillah will make sure of it."

"I know," Cupid said. "But Dizzy is so impatient and really wants to see the three together.  I just thought I'd give a little help."

"And see where that got you?  Right over my lap.  We have our schedule and we must follow it." Eros reprimanded gently.  "Love and writers can not be rushed."

Cupid nodded. "I know.  I just want to see everyone as happy as we are."

Giving Cupid another kiss, this time on his lips, Eros said, "I know.  And they will be.  But for now we have a schedule to keep."

The cute Roman Brat nodded, "Yes, Valentine's Day is just around the corner.  We have so much to do!  What is next on my schedule?"

With a wicked smile, Eros stood up.  Keeping Cupid in his arms, the Greek God Top seductively whispered, "Next on our schedule is nap time."

And with that the Narrator closes the curtain on this little tale from the It's Greek to Me series, giving Eros and Cupid some privacy for the lovemaking that happened next.  After the curtain closed, Dizzy thanked Hermes for all the synonyms for butt and Zillah for sparking this bit of fluff.


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