Who knew that the Greek Gods of Mount Olympus were full of Tops and Brats? They have a Top School to teach Tops how to spank and lift one eyebrow and there is a Brat Cave for all the Brats to hang out in! Read about the adventures of the Greek Gods!

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Big, scary, meeting is tomorrow morning, so after tomorrow I may get some sleep. But here is the second in the It's Greek to Me. Again, no beta, so mistakes are mine (well they are even when I do have a beta).


Hypnos suspected his brat would be in for an early bedtime, if he kept up this sulk. He'd heard from other tops that brats everywhere were in a fit of sulks. Hypnos often thought that brats had a secret hide away, much like the super hero Batman had the bat-cave; the brats must have a secret place to meet. Hypnos suspected they gathered together to plot how best to aggravate their tops. They probably named it the "brat-cave".

He'd been treated to this fit of sulks all afternoon, from the time his brat had come home early this afternoon, and as it was well past dinner, it was time to end them.

"If you're upset about something, you need to tell me, I'm not a mind reader," Hypnos addressed his brat.

The brat rolled his eyes and gave a deep sigh.

Hypnos could just imagine brats in their secret lair conferring:

"Don't move your head so much when you roll your eyes," one brat would say.

"Give a big sigh when you do the eye roll, that shows them you're really upset," another would advise.

"That's it! That's the way! Now your top will know that something wrong!" Yet another brat would declare, congratulating the success.

Hearing his brat sigh once again snapped Hypnos out of his musings. "I've had enough, brat. Tell me why you are upset. Would it be easier over my lap?"

"No, no, I'll tell you," the thought of going wrong side up over his lap encouraged his brat to talk. "It's just everyone in the brat-ca…um, just everyone I saw today was mad that you put them to sleep last night!"

"That is my job, of course I put them all to sleep," Hypnos declared.

"But Lady Jodie had just posted!" the brat complained.

"That doesn't matter; it was time for them to be asleep."

"Doesn't matter?!" the screech that came from his brat's mouth had Hypnos's palm itching. "It does matter! Lady Jodie just posted a new DDS story! They fell asleep before they could read it!"

"DDS?" Hypnos asked the itch in his palm increasing. Hypnos remembered from his Top School days, that the only known cure for the itchy palm was to land it with force on his brat's bottom.

"Dennis, Dusty, and Skyy! Everyone loves Lady Jodie's stories and YOU put everyone to sleep before they could read it and now they are all mad at ME!"

"It would still be there in the morning, it will still be there a week from now. They didn't have to read it last night," Hypnos explained.

"You just don't understand! OUCH!" the shout coupled with the stomp of the brat's foot, had Hypnos palm being cured of its itchy ailment.

"I do understand that if this tantrum continues, you will have an early bedtime. I will make sure of that." With that promise, his brat appeared to calm somewhat.

"I just don't like that they are mad at me," this said with tears pooling in his brat's eyes.

"By tomorrow everyone will have read it, and this will have blown over. You will all talk about the wonderful story in the brat-ca…um, when you see each other," Hypnos promised. "Come on, let's go lie down. I'll read you a bedtime story."

Lying on the bed, with his brat snuggled up against his side, his laptop open, Hypnos began to read, "Work, Then Play…Or Not."

The End

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