Who knew that the Greek Gods of Mount Olympus were full of Tops and Brats? They have a Top School to teach Tops how to spank and lift one eyebrow and there is a Brat Cave for all the Brats to hang out in! Read about the adventures of the Greek Gods!

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Ares' Baking Disaster

Zillah issued a challenge a Baking Disaster on The Den.  Ares, the big, gorgeous god of war, had to come out and play.

Title: Ares's Baking Disaster
Characters: Aether, Ares, and other Tops
Series: It's Greek to Me

Down the great golden halls of the hallowed MT. OLYMPUS SCHOOL OF HIGHER EDUCATION FOR TOPS came the sounds of cussing and cursing.  Cussing?  Cursing? In Top School?  What the bleep is going on?  (Quit being so impatient and read on!)

Yes, there in those wonderful halls were four letter words drifting on the wind, turning the air blue. Suddenly, doors flew open, and Tops, with their long, muscular legs, were striding and stalking down the halls.  Many were recent graduates of the class, Walking with Purpose.  So the striding and stalking was a magnificent sight to see. (The narrator takes a moment to wipe the drool off the keyboard).

Down the halls the strode, turning this way and that.  Following the sounds and the darkening blue of the air, they made it to the Activities of Daily Living Department.  Fling the doors open (it's ok, don't panic, Tops are allowed to fling doors open, because...well....because they are Tops) to the Kitchen Classics room, they found the culprit.

There stood Ares at one of the many kitchen counters.  He was elbows deep in what appeared to be a sticky, doughy, chemical weapons compound.

Ares, seeing all the Tops and the professors staring at him, was quick to explain himself.  "Um."

"Obviously, he's not completed the course Talking Quick on Your Feet," one Top said.

"Is that stuff he's playing with lethal?" Another Top questioned.

One Top even scratched his head and said, "are we sure he's a Top? Have we checked his credentials?"

"Enough!" Thundered Aether. "Contrary to the evidence before us, Ares is a Top."

And with that, all the Tops stopped.  Well, wouldn't you?  Aether, is the Toppiest of all Tops!  And when he thunders, he THUNDERS!  (oh, come on, you all know you got the tummy tingles at Aether thundering!)

With the silence settling down like the dust on an unmatched Brat's bookshelf, Aether turned to Ares and commanded, "explain yourself."

Ares, felt a blush rise in his cheeks (no, not those cheeks! the ones on his face!), and started to explain.  

(But wait, before we hear his explanation, lets all just sit back and admire the god of war blushing.  Have you ever seen anything as adorable as a big strong man of war with a blush on his cheeks?  Sigh, just dreamy.)

"Ahem," Aether cleared his throat menacingly. "Narrator, if you please.  I'd like to get to hear Ares' explanation."

"Well, you see," Ares started out with stutter.  Then he stopped and took a deep breath, just like when he prepares to go into battle.  "I've not been doing well in Comforting Your Brat with Comfort Foods, 101.  Its the baking that's giving me the most problems.  And then Zillah gave a baking challenge on The Den, and this is the result,"  Ares held his hands up to show all the Tops.  With a flick of his hands, some of the sticky dough flew off and landed on the Tops closest to him.

"EWWW," one Top groaned.

Another Top said in disgust, "gross!"

"What is it supposed to be?" One other Top asked.

Aether just shook his head.  Those Brats on The Den were always cooking something up.  Leave it to them to have a Baking Disaster Challenge.

"It's supposed to be cherry chip muffins.  Sweet, but not too sweet.  They are supposed to be comforting to my Brat," Ares explained.

"So the red isn't blood?" One Top asked.  And then shut his mouth quickly at the look Aether and Ares shot him.

Rolling up his sleeves, Aether called to the other Tops.  "Come on, men.  Let's help Ares clean up this mess.  Then we'll show him where Ambrosia's Bakery is."

As all the Tops started to clean, Aether leaned close to Ares and whispered, "don't let the Brats know, but most of us Tops go to the Bakery."

Ares looked at Aether in shock.  "You mean this was all for naught?"

"Well, not for naught," Aether said with a slap on Ares' back.  "We all did get to drool over Tops striding and stalking and we got to see how flippin' adorable the Top god of war looks when he blushes."


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