Who knew that the Greek Gods of Mount Olympus were full of Tops and Brats? They have a Top School to teach Tops how to spank and lift one eyebrow and there is a Brat Cave for all the Brats to hang out in! Read about the adventures of the Greek Gods!

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Some silliness on the WL yahoo group sparked this story.

It’s Greek to Me: Dionysus

Taking a gulp of wine, Dionysus stared at the computer screen.  The blue ‘send’ button seemed to be mocking him, daring him, to just click on it.  Another gulp of wine and his glass was empty.   Concentrating hard, he sat the glass down, and used both hands to try and grasp the bottle.  The damn thing had begun moving on its own, after the first three glasses. Suddenly the bottle disappeared completely!

“I believe you’ve had enough,” a Top’s voice rang out (and man, can those Top voices ring!) as he lifted the bottle away.

“But, but, but…” Dionysus stuttered.

“Yes, it would be your butt; however, I think the wine you’ve drank has numbed it,” his Top replied sarcastically.  (Really?  A Top being sarcastic?  Who’s writing these little ficlets? Tops shouldn’t be sarcastic!).

Dionysus wiggled in his chair, yerp, his butt was numb.  Too bad the wine hadn’t yet numbed his nerves.

“I need just a bit more,” he whined to his Top. “I wrote a story, and want to post it.”

“You have to drink wine to post a story?” the clueless Top, never having written or posted a story before, asked.

“Yes!” Dionysus said, then continued with his explanation.  “It’s so scary to push that send button!  What happens if no one likes your story?  Or even worse, what happens if you don’t get any feedback at all?”

Dionysus watched in horror as his Top reached over and clicked the ‘send’ button.  “Why’d you do that?” he screeched as he jumped up. He had to mumble an apology when he saw his Top clap his hands over his ears.  His Top had taken out a Top insurance policy just to offset the cost of ear plugs.

“It’s written, it’s been edited, it should be posted,” the Top said in what can only be Top logic. “And it’s time for you to take a nap.”

Looking up at his Top, with eyes pleading (Dionysus had practiced the pleading eye look for hours and hours in the bathroom mirror, and he’d perfected the look), “Will you lie down with me?  Please?”

“Let me fill out another claim form for new ear plugs, and then I’ll be right beside you,” the Top said (yep, that pleading eye was perfected!).

“Wait!” Dionysus yelled, and then mumbled another apology.  “I can’t nap NOW!  What if someone sends feedback?  I have to read it!  OUCH!” he cried out when his Top’s hand met his butt with some force.

“Maybe your butt’s not as numb as I thought,” his Top said in warning.

“Umm, maybe it’s not.  Why don’t I go lie down and wait for you?” Dionysus suggested.

Dionysus snuggled up to his Top when he finally joined him in bed.  He started to ask him if he’d looked to see if he’d gotten any feedback, when he heard his Top mumble, “I can’t believe they raised my premiums.  Too many claims.  Huh, obviously they’ve never lived with a Brat.” 

Dionysus was going to apologize, yet again, but before he could he felt his Top’s arms wrap around him, squeezing him in a tight hug, and the whispered words, “But you are more than worth it.”

Slipping into sleep, Dionysus decided that maybe he didn’t need the courage of the bottle, when he had such a Top.  Well, until the next time he wanted to post.

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